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About Us

MusicRealized is a specialized music production company that enables the dreams of non-professional musicians, songwriters, and lyricists. We put world-class music production within your reach.

You may have dabbled in recording, perhaps on a small digital recorder, on your smartphone, or on your computer. We’re willing to bet that the results probably didn’t live up to your expectations. If you’re ready to take your music to the next level please read on.

We are based in Los Angeles (one of the busiest recording communities in the world), and have access to the finest session players, vocalists, arrangers, orchestrators, recording/mixing engineers, and studios. We offer an array of production services to accommodate almost any type of music, and any level of musical experience.

Bring us your ideas and we work with you one-on-one, taking your project from basic idea to finished product.

We are not a “mill” cranking out generic song demos, but offer a full service, highly interactive process to our clients. Whether your song requires a simple piano or guitar accompaniment, or an elaborate orchestral or big band backing track we can take care of all the details.

Our Team

Steve Morrell

Steve Morrell

Owner & Producer

Steve Morrell has been a composer, producer, orchestrator, arranger, and vocal coach for a vast number of different projects in the Los Angeles music community for nearly 20 years, including The Muppets movies, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and 7th Heaven.

Ed Mitchell

Ed Mitchell

Production Manager

Ed is a Grammy Award winning producer with decades of production experience who’s clients include Walt Disney Records, Walt Disney Pictures, Showtime, Soap Box Entertainment, among others.

Rick Ruggieri

Rick Ruggieri

Recording Engineer

Rick is a Grammy Award winning recording engineer who’s client list is a literal who’s-who of American popular music. His career began at RCA records when Elvis had not yet left the building.

Studio Musicians

Studio Musicians


Our players are selected on a per-project basis and have included: John Robinson, Lee Sklar, Jim Cox, Randy Kerber, Dean Parks, Jon Walmsley, Laurence Juber, Chad Wackerman, Joh Ferraro, Rick Baptist, Alex Iles, Sal Lozano, Gary Herbig, among many other talented musicians.

Our Services

  • Song Completion Package

  • $75/hrUSD
  • Ideal if you have an idea for a song or have a lyric written, and you need help completing your song.

    Work one-on-one with MR Producers on chord structure, additional lyrics & arrangement ideas for a ‘ready to record’ song.

  • Song Demo Package

  • $1,200USD
  • Our best value - it's ideal if your song is basically complete and you want to showcase your songwriting and/or vocal talents.

    We’ll produce a backing track in-house with basic rhythm section elements (keyboards, bass, drums, and guitars) and record and edit your vocal track. Also includes mixing.

  • Full Production Package

  • $4,500USD
  • Choose this package if you want the full Los Angeles studio experience.

    Mix your song at Metric Ton studio. Take your song, or performance, to it’s highest level - Mastering is included. Record your backing track with a group of top studio musicians. Sweeten with electronic horns, or strings, record lead and background vocals.


Our Experience

With over 15 years in the Los Angeles music scene we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients access to a vast range of production options. Want to cut your song where the Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds? Capitol, Oceanway? We can make that a reality.

Our Process

First, let’s connect by phone or video chat. You’ll be chatting with Lead Producer, Steve about your goals, music background and the needs of your particular project. From there, he’ll recommend a production package that best fits your goals and budget.

Then we’ll start work on your song. We’ll make sure it’s a comfortable key for you, and arrange the song for instrumentation we agree on together. From there, we’ll either head into the studio to record or cut the vocal. This can typically be done in a day depending on the complexity of the material.

If we have other elements to add in, such as background vocals or additional instrumentation, MusicRealized will manage it for you. Then we’re on to the final mix! All together, our process can be done very quickly if needed, or we can take our time to work through all the details slowly. It’s up to you and how you would prefer to record your music.

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Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Recording Terminology.


Steve Morrell is one of my “go-to” arranger/composer/musicians. He can do it all, whether it’s creating original music or a new arrangement for an existing piece, he delivers with expert percision and the highest level of professionalism.

Kaylin Frank, VP Music Creative, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Production

. . .

Steve Morrell is quite amazing to work with. I believe he is the next “David Foster” in terms of his ability to listen to the wants and needs of the client, think through (in an economical fashion) the best ways in which to accomplish the end hoped-for result, without diminishing the power and beauty of the end product. He is very professional, timely, and fun to work with, keeping the end goal in the forefront of his mind to deliver a very high quality product. You are in good and very capable hands when working with Steve Morrell. 

Michael A. Boylan, Best-Selling Author, Founder and CEO of The Reach For Me Network, Writer of Angel Child Anthem Song

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