Do I have to be a great singer (or player)?
Not at all. Using today’s advanced music production and editing tools it is easier than ever to put together a great performance. We want you to sound great!

I’m a songwriter. What if I don’t sing at all?
Los Angeles is full of talented vocalists of all types. We can find one that’s perfect for your song.

Does my song have to be complete before I bring it to you?
No. We offer “song completion” services. We can help with additional lyric content, adding more sophisticted harmony, background vocals, etc.

My song is only in my head. How will that work?
This more common in our business than most people realize. If you can sing it we can do the rest.

Is it really possible to record in an iconic Hollywood studio?
There are many legendary studios in the Los Angeles area. We can arrange for studio time in the recording rooms used on countless records. Think Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, etc.

I’m nervous about singing / performing in front of other people.
Regardless of the recording environment we can arrange for a completely “closed” session. For the ultimate low-pressure environment we recommend recording at our in-house facility.

What if I’m too busy to travel to Los Angeles?
Our ideal method of working with our clients is face to face. Of course, this isn’t always possible so we have developed a method by which we can bring our studio to you. That, together with high-speed internet for file exchange and video conferencing, makes virtual collaboration possible.

I plan to give my song away as a gift to guests at an anniversary party. Can you help me with this?
Absolutely. We can arrange for a commercial duplication facility to manufacture your CD’s. Cover art and case design are also available.

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